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AASLE_FINAL_full copyOverview of the African American Student Leadership Experience (AASLE)

Continuing the legacy of developing African American student leaders at PWIs and HBCUs, the African American Student Leadership Experience (AASLE) is a four-day intensive experience where students will interact with prominent keynote speakers and facilitators in the area of leadership development.  Students attending the AASLE will be challenged to put theory into practice, thus having a leadership experience in real time.

Attendees will be fully engaged in the leadership process. They will learn the concept of moving from theory to practice.  Students will be immersed into groups where they will be expected to function as a team developing an action plan that will be implemented on their respective campuses that supports the development of African American leaders and the betterment of the African American community. AASLE will increase the capacity of students and higher education leaders to become visionaries with a greater sense of purpose, imagination and creativity. Participants will be guided by the principle that there are no limitations or boundaries, only possibilities (2013 Theme)!

AASLE will provide concurrent workshop sessions intended to be foundational tracks for the development of skills and competencies necessary for student leadership development. Specialized sessions will be offered where students can customize a differentiated experience based upon specific interests and goals.

Workshops will also be offered for higher education leaders to support student success efforts as well as their own personal and professional growth.

The AASLE will be a holistic experience where the mind, body, and spirit are engaged.

History of the AASLE

AASLE was birthed in 2012 with like-minded individuals committed to continuing a legacy of excellence in the area of student leadership development. The first AASLE was hosted by the Multicultural Success Center at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis at the Liaison located in Washington, DC. AASLE is not a typical student leadership conference, it is an EXPERIENCE. The founders designed AASLE with intentionality to create unique experiences where leadership skills are taught, developed and honed, thus moving students and practitioners from theory into practice. The first AASLE involved an experiential learning experience in the Washington, DC area focusing on the history, culture, and spirit of the African American community.

The 2013 Experience, hosted by the Bryant Educational Leadership Group attracted over 150 of the best and the brightest students and professionals from across the country and the world. The 2013 experience introduced the signature Leadership Experience in Real Time (LEIRT) component.

In November 2014, the BELG Leadership Team decided to expand its reach and introduced AASLE: West Coast Edition, in Los Angeles, California, which will follow the same tenets and goals of the East Coast Edition but will be held annually on the West Coast.

In just a short time frame, the Experience has grown exponentially and now involves an extensive planning committee made up of the BELG leadership team, BELG advisory board, and the AASLE planning committee consisting of dedicated professionals and students from across the country.

Past AASLE Themes:

East Coast:
“Dare to Be, Dare to Act, Dare to Lead: Your Destiny is Calling!” (2016)
“Game Changers: Developing New Paradigms for the 21st Century Leadership” (2015)
“iLead: Back to Basics, Beyond Mobilization Towards Transformational Leadership” (2014)
“Just Imagine: No Boundaries, No Limitations, Only Possibilities (2013)
“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required” (2012)

West Coast:
“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required” (2014)




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